Consideration for obtaining bail

The most important factors that a judge will consider when determining bond amount and whether a suspect will be appropriated bail are:
1.The severity of the crime that their being charged with.
2.A suspect’s risk of flight.
3.Would the suspects release cause undue harm to others?
4.Does the suspect have a criminal history?
5.Has the suspect missed a court date in the past?
6.The suspects place of work
For the most part, when the time comes to post a bond a suspect’s friends/family will come up with cash and assets that local laws determine will fulfill the bond. If it’s the case that the suspect doesn’t have enough to fulfill the bond he or she can use a bail bonds agent who will ask for a fee that’s equivalent 10 to 15 percent and proof of assets that add up to the total amount of the bond. The state regulates the amount of bail agent can charge.