Types of bail bonds

There are several types of bail bonds; here are explanations of the most common:

Surety Bond - A Surety Bond is a type of guarantee that if the accused doesn’t make a court date a bail agent or Surety Company will hand over their assets to the court.

Cash Bail – The cash bail only option is available to suspects that are not allowed by the court to post bail in assets.

Property Bond – Not a common form of bail, property bonds are used to record a court lien on property. The defendant must show up to court or the property will be seized.

Pre-trial Release – When a suspect is released on personal recognizance it’s usually for a crime of a not so serious nature and this sort of release is completely administered through pre-trial release programs in local jurisdictions.

Personal Unsecured Bond – This type of bond is like pre-trial release bail with the exception that if the defendant fails to make a court date then he or she will need to pay a predetermined amount that is unsecured.